We are Spaceforward

Spaceforward brings tenants and owners together. We think along with the desires and needs of both teams, our goal is to find the perfect match. We are honest, direct and highly involved. Spaceforward focuses on the future and we aim to build long-term relations with our clients.

Finding the ideal office space

Finding your ideal office space isn’t easy: are your wishes in line with the criteria? Spaceforward helps you with identifying how many square meters you need, the right look and feel, desired location and accessibility. We will advise you on how to optimally decorate the office space. Spaceforward advises and supports you during the entire process.

Finding tenants for your property

Spacefoward is not a traditional real estate agent. We work with a young, but very experience team. Our approach in informal, but professional. This reflects in the organizations and people we work with; successful, hardworking entrepreneurs with a passion.

Management team

Susan van den Hurk